We are taking extended measures for the health and safety of our communities, including making updates to our home buying and selling processes.

Recent Transactions

Sold his home to CAHB in Winchester, Ct

Eric Somers and his wife bought two homes without a hitch — but when it came to selling a rental property, they turned to Opendoor for a hand.

The couple had lived in a cozy suburban Atlanta home for 10 years. They welcomed a son, who is now 6, and started planning for a second child. That’s when they decided they wanted a larger space.

They bought a beautiful home in Marietta, Georgia, and rented out their former home. Eric, who runs a landscaping company, also kept some of his business materials in the backyard.

They spent the next two years as landlords. Their first tenants were great, but the next tenants posed problems. They threw huge parties. The neighbors complained about guests parking up and down the street.

Letting Go

When the second set of tenants moved out, Eric decided not to look for a replacement. Instead, he realized it was time to let go of the house. He considered listing the house on the market, but didn’t want to deal with delays and uncertainty.

“My agent said we need to list it at $200,000,” Eric said. “I thought that would be amazing, but what if it doesn’t sell? I don’t want to be holding the bag of donuts.”

His second concern was the backyard covered in gravel.

The health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees is always our top priority, and we’re mindful of the effect this public health emergency is having on the communities we serve and our mission as a business. Given the uncertainty surrounding the impact of COVID-19, we are making changes to our home buying and selling processes, and taking extended measures in light of recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the shelter-in-place orders expanding across our cities.

Selling with Capital Area Home Buyers

We are temporarily pausing Capital Area Home Buyers cash offers on homes in response to COVID-19. If you’re currently in our offer process, be on the lookout for communication from us. If you’re not, here’s how we can still help with your home sale.

Third party cash offer: Capital Area Home Buyers works with third-party buyers who may be able to give you a cash offer. You’ll still skip showings, prep work and you’ll get to choose your own close date. If you’re eligible, we’ll get back to you via email within 2-3 days.

List with a partner agent: We’ll connect you with one of our experienced agent partners who can help you explore your sale options based on local conditions in your market. Recommended agents are selected based on a track record of exceptional performance, local expertise and service.

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