Sell Your House Fast. Sell It to Us

Want to sell your house quick? Without any hassle? We at Capital Area Home Buyers make it happen.

Guaranteed fair and competitive offer with quickest industry turnaround time…..

We believe in closing our deals quickly. So you can easily place an offer on your next home or move on with your life, without any kind of worry.Sell Your Houe Fast with Capital Area Home Buyers.

Our Track Record says it all….

With 13 years of experience behind us, we have closed more than 100 cases locally. We believe that the ultimate power lies with the homemaker so that they can sell their house fast.

We don’t charge the 6 % commission given to real estate agents!

Don’t confuse us with any real estate agent. We are a real estate investment company. So you don’t have to worry about paying us the 6% commission that one normally has to pay real estate agents. We don’t charge any commission fee. On the contrary what we do is, we buy your house ourselvesfor our investment purposes. You DON’T NEED to REPAIR or RENOVATE your house before selling it. We buy the house directly from you.

Sell Your House ‘As-Is’ – our Motto!

What drives us in our journey is our desire to serve you better. Hence we buy the houses as it is. You don’t have to spend a single extra penny on repair or renovation of the house. Just because you wish to sell your house, it does not mean that you need to run after contractors and plumbers in order to fix your house and make it prim and proper before you can put up for sale in the market.Let us give you a competitive offer so you can move on with your life.

Hassle-Free and smooth selling of your house

You don’t have to go through much hassle to make your home look appealing. No need to negotiate with the real estate agents and potential buyers any more. We are here to help you out in every step. Hassle-Free and smooth selling of your house is what we do.

Do you know that you can sell your home fast for cash? It is true, it is legit, and it is right here! If you’re thinking, “how do I sell my house fast?” Then look no further because we are ready to buy your property as is, without the any need for any renovation or reconditioning and we offer the best prices in the market.

Here’s what you CAN expect from us:

  • Get a Guaranteed home sale – at a competitive, agreed upon price.
  • Home purchased in “As-Is” condition – no need to make any repairs or improvements.
  • Fast and hassle free – we will send you an offer typically within hours.
  • No 6% Realtor® fee– you can save $1,000s in fees.
  • If you are behind on payments and have no equity we can show you several solutions.
  • Call you within 24 hours with a competitive offer.
  • We are Local.