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“I appreciate that within a half hour after I called we were talking to a professional represantive who had extensive experience. We were given an offer the same day. ”

– John W.

I must say that working with Avi and his team was one of the best experiences one could ask for when trying to short sell their home. I was out of options and the stress I dealt with this home, I can’t put in words. My home was older, small, and I felt it would be a very hard task for Avi and his team. I felt as if I was their only client and Avi was always available to take a phone call day/night. If you are looking for one of the best, you found them right here with Capital Area Home Buyers and Avi and his team.   Matt Capece  5 star

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Capital Area Home Buyers who took part in the process of selling the property at 75 McKee Street, East Hartford, CT., Avi, Shamya, Kathy and Maryellen, we couldn’t have done this without all of your care and efforts. I am deeply appreciated for all you have done and especially for relieving me from the burden of this responsibility. Although, I feel very sad I no longer own what was once my home, I am very happy that is now someone else’s and that the property will no longer be abandoned.  Thank you all, God has answered my prayers and we have succeeded. I will continue to have you in my prayers for continued success and prosperity in your lives as well as good health and most of all Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who made it all happen so soon. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND PROSPEROUS 2012 YEAR AND BEYOND.”   – Maria Ortiz


“Hi I wanted to write a note of thanks. When I called I was extremely Skeptical but really wanted to sell my home. Ron called me within minutes of calling and walked me through the process and answered all my questions. He came out the next day and I had an offer in hand. We closed by the end of the month. As he told me on the first conversation there was no cost to me to get an offer and I was under obligation to sell my home, but I am sure glad I called. Now my home is sold and it was hassle free, it was as is, and I put more money in my pocket than I expected.”

-Natalie M.

“When I called I was interested in selling my home because I recently got married. The team at Capital Area Home Buyers was quick to call me after I entered my information on the Web form. They explained to me the home values in my area and told me how much they could offer. Although the offer was not what I needed, they referred me to a top realtor who sold my home in 4 days. Thank you so much ”

Barbara S.

“When I started to call these we buy houses companies I found on the internet I most of them did not return my calls and most of them were not a local company. I was happy when I received a call from Capital Area Home buyers literally 15 minutes after I called in. Right on the phone they were able to answer any questions with me , there was no high pressure like those other companies. After 10 minutes on the phone Ron was able to give me an offer subject only to seeing the home. We closed very quickly there after.

-Fred E.

“You quickly came to our rescue. We were in desperate need to sell our home. You came to bail us out and have tremendously helped us through the entire process. Thanks to you we got what we needed to sell our home and now we’re able to purchase our dream home. Thank you so much on behalf of my husband and I.”

– Yordana M.

“You worked the details out for me and were very pleasant and accommodating with the sale of my home and the paperwork, as well as just communicating with me. I would recommend you to anyone who needs to sell their home quickly or hassle-free.”

– Cheryl K.

The transaction went smoothly, You were honest and professional in your dealing with us. This would serve as a recommendation to prospective customers.”

– John P.

“At at time when the housing market seemed to come to a halt, we found a way out from under our house we had been trying to sell for many months. Though we are just in the early stage of our relationship, you have been very straightforward and prompt in answering all our concerns and questions.”

– Richard S.

“You were very professional and thorough. You took the time to explain the details we did not understand. We were saved from foreclosure.”

– Richard M.

“I would not hesitate to engage their services in any real estate transaction. These are honest, hard-working people that have earned my respect and trust.”

– Steve S.

“My experience working with Capital Area Home buyers wa great. They are real friendly and know their job. If I were a home buyer”

– Annie D.

You have distinguished yourselves as excellent landlords. I would add that you are very hard-working and always pay attention to details.”

– John O.

“You have been very helpful with house issues, and repairs have been performed quickly and painlessly for us. You are easy to deal with and responsible, and we recommend you wholeheartedly!”

– Julie F.

I really thought that there were no more alternatives. You not only took the time, but went the extra mile. You not only welcomed us, but made sure we were satisfied. You are the kind of landlord everyone is seeking. We are so excited to be in our new home.”

– Ronald M.

Before meeting with you, I was very nervous, but once I met with you I felt relaxed right away. You weren’t in an expensive suit carrying an expensive suitcase; you dressed casual and talked very down-to-earth. The process was fast and simple. You also gave us solutions on how to clear up our credit. You don’t meet any people like that these days. I feel really blessed to have people like you as landlords.”

– Tina H.


“He Did Everything He Said He Would Do and THEN Some!”


To Whom It May Concern,


“I would like to thank  Capital Area Home Buyer’s, because he helped me out of a bad situation and did everything he said he would do and then some!  

“Last year, I lost my job, and was not able to make my house payments any more.  Having two small children, I began to get nervous, because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to us.  I started getting letters in the mail, saying that I needed to pay, or I was going to get foreclosed on, and would be out on the street!  After crying for a few days, I decided to take action, so I started to call a few ads in the paper, looking for somebody who would be able to buy my house and help me out of my situation.

“I talked to a few people, but no one seemed to be in any kind of position to help me out.  I briefly explained my situation, and he said he thought he could help!  We set a time for him to come and look at my home.  He told me that if everything was ok, he could buy my house on the spot!

“I didn’t want to get too excited, because I’d gotten my hopes up before, only to be disappointed.  But, when Ron came out (with his associate, Brett Cohen), he looked around, sat down, looked me in the eye, and said that he would buy my house right now!

“It was as if a wave of relief came over me!  He then pulled out a few papers, we signed them, and that was it!  He was going to solve my problems for me!

“But, that was not the best part!  After that, Ron helped me find a new place to live.

“Today, my children & I are off to a fresh start, my credit was saved, I’m working again.

“We No Longer Have the Burden of an Extra House Payment Coming Out of Our Income!”

To Whom It May Concern,

“My wife and I are so thankful for Ron!  As a result, we did not have to declare bankruptcy, our credit is saved, and things are a LOT better for us financially!  Not to mention that he took a MAJOR cause of stress out of our lives!
“We no longer have the burden of an extra house payment coming out of our income!”

“I Wouldn’t Hesitate to Recommend Their Services!”

“Our Transaction was on time and Seamless!”

“Capital Area Home Buyer’s were very easy to deal with.  Our transaction & purchase was on time, & seamless.

“Ron from Capital Area Home Buyer’s is an honest, ethical person who’s very trustworthy!

“We look forward to doing a lot more business with him, and as quickly as possible!”

I wanted to Sell My House as Fast as Possible

“I wanted to sell as quick as possible. Capital Area Home Buyer’s were the people that I called. It was through a google  advertisement. thank you to the whole team. Thanks Capital Area Home Buyer’s. ”

-Gregory McFarland

We Needed to Sell A House Fast
Capital Area Home Buyer’s Did keep Their Promise to Buy My Home in Fourteen Days

-Tonya A

“Before going with Capital Area Home Buyer’s the realtor we were working with didn’t have the experience to help us with our unique situation.
Justine Davis

My Inherited House Needed Work

“I Lived 2 hours away from the home I and my brother inherited. The tenants moved out and left a big mess. I needed a quick sale that was as is. Capital Area Home Buyer’s helped me clean the problems with my title and we got our check wired us right after the sale without having to drive 2 hours to closing.”

– J. Maxwell

Facing Foreclosure

My husband lost his job recently and we were 6 months behind on payments and facing foreclosure.

Avi from Capital Area home buyers, met with us within ours after we called. He explained the short sale process to us , explained how much time we had in the foreclosure process. Got it so we could stay 4 more months in our home without paying the mortgage which is what we needed. He then got the bank to accept a short sale and the bank put in writing that they would not come after us for any of the losses. The bank even gave us 3000 in relocation assistance. Thanks Avi


-Kate B


Here’s what you CAN expect from us:

  • Get a Guaranteed home sale – at a competitive, agreed upon price.
  • Home purchased in “As-Is” condition – no need to make any repairs or improvements.
  • Fast and hassle free – we will send you an offer typically within hours.
  • No 6% Realtor® fee– you can save $1,000s in fees.
  • If you are behind on payments and have no equity we can show you several solutions.
  • Call you within 24 hours with a competitive offer.
  • We are Local.


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