Remarks: We Buy Houses in Greenbelt Maryland, Sell House Fast in Greenbelt Maryland, Fast Cash Buyer Greenbelt Maryland. Cash For Homes Greenbelt Maryland. Home Buyers In Greenbelt Maryland. xxxx Seller Called Capital Area Home. She just inherited the home she co owned with her mother. She was 5 months behind on the mortgage and the condo fees. The condo had not been updated in 15 years and needed 10,000 in renovations. Seller Was in foreclosure and wanted to avoid the negative credit and get a few thousand in her pockets. Seller was under water had no equity. Capital Area purchased the condo , gave the seller seller several thousand , got the mortgage current and the condo fees therefore improving her credit the next day. We renovated the condo and within a few years paid the loan off after the market improved. Reference available.

Close Date: 14-Jan-2015