Facing Foreclosure

My husband lost his job recently and we were 6 months behind on payments and facing foreclosure.

Avi from Capital Area home buyers, met with us within ours after we called. He explained the short sale process to us , explained how much time we had in the foreclosure process. Got it so we could stay 4 more months in our home without paying the mortgage which is what we needed. He then got the bank to accept a short sale and the bank put in writing that they would not come after us for any of the losses. The bank even gave us 3000 in relocation assistance. Thanks Avi

- Kate B

My Inherited House Needed Work.
“I Lived 2 hours away from the home I and my brother inherited. The tenants moved out and left a big mess. I needed a quick sale that was as is. Capital Area Home Buyer’s helped me clean the problems with my title and we got our check wired us right after the sale without having to drive 2 hours to closing.”

- J. Maxwell

“Before going with Capital Area Home Buyer’s the realtor we were working with didn’t have the experience to help us with our unique situation.”

- Justine Davis

We Needed to Sell A House Fast. Capital Area Home Buyer’s Did keep Their Promise to Buy My Home in Fourteen Days

- Tonya A

“I wanted to sell as quick as possible. Capital Area Home Buyer’s were the people that I called. It was through a google  advertisement. thank you to the whole team. Thanks Capital Area Home Buyer’s. ”

- Gregory McFarland

Before meeting with you, I was very nervous, but once I met with you I felt relaxed right away. You weren’t in an expensive suit carrying an expensive suitcase; you dressed casual and talked very down-to-earth. The process was fast and simple. You also gave us solutions on how to clear up our credit. You don’t meet any people like that these days. I feel really blessed to have people like you as landlords.”

- Tina H.

I really thought that there were no more alternatives. You not only took the time, but went the extra mile. You not only welcomed us, but made sure we were satisfied. You are the kind of landlord everyone is seeking. We are so excited to be in our new home.”

- Ronald M.

“You have been very helpful with house issues, and repairs have been performed quickly and painlessly for us. You are easy to deal with and responsible, and we recommend you wholeheartedly!”

- Julie F.

You have distinguished yourselves as excellent landlords. I would add that you are very hard-working and always pay attention to details.”

- John O.

“My experience working with Capital Area Home buyers wa great. They are real friendly and know their job. If I were a home buyer”

- Annie D.